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07/17/1922 - 11/13/1998
Allison was a nurse, lived in Romasburg. She is survived by her husband, children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. She was born on July 17 1922, and passed away  in a night before 14th November in 1998
04/06/1948 - 07/20/2010
Born April 06, 1948, Grandma Megan passed away  Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at LaPaz Regional Hospital.
06/20/1944 - 09/19/2008
Claire Barlow (June 20, 1944 - September 19, 2008) left this world too early. She was a great mother for her three children, a caring grandmother for her four grandchildren, a perfect wife and an accomplished sportswoman.
05/13/1942 - 11/04/2009
Steve  Collins was the first born son of  Edward and Marie Collins.  Raised on his family farm in Blueberry Hill, Iowa, he never lost his love for the farm life.  Alumnus of Iowa State University, he remained a Cyclones fan unt...
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05/16/1931 - 05/23/2009
Sherry   Arnold , 79 of Candier, Alabama (Formerly of Oden, Nebraska) departed this life to abide in her heavenly home on 23th of may, 2009. 
04/25/1931 - 02/11/2010
Ollie Mae Glover (April 25,1931 – February 11, 2010) loving mother and devoted wife was really a peculiar woman.Her relatives and friends could always rely on her and get a support, love and tenderness.
02/13/1926 - 06/14/2005
Charlie Jackson, another member of the "Greatest Generation" has moved on June 14, 2005, this one was my father and it is going to leave a hole the hearts of all who knew and remembered this man.  
10/11/1935 - 01/17/2010
Clarence Thomas was born to the late Harry and Marie Thomason October 11,1935, in Montgomery NY. He had one sister, Lisa. His two favorite Aunts were Aunt Claireand Aunt Ethel.
04/24/1978 - 07/27/2010
Carolyn Barn, a beloved wife, the best-in-the world mother, sister, and daughter, who lightened the life of her close ones for many years left this world July 27, 2010 at Bradley Memorial Hospital.
05/03/2009 - 03/16/2011
Craig Hersom is our shining light and our hearts. He blessed our lives with his constant smiles during his two short years. He is with us always and forever. We so love and miss him!!!
01/20/1942 - 08/26/2008
Ralph Adams entered into God's loving Kingdom August 26, 2008. He was the master of his life. He was e real leader and e real winner. Besides he was a good support for his family and friends, who will be missing him till the end of their days....
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03/21/1970 - 01/29/2011
After a courageous battle with cancer, Sandra Dawson left us in the late hours of January 29, 2011, peacefully passing into eternal rest. Her beauty, grace and humor brought love and happiness to everyone she met and she will be remember...
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06/07/1933 - 06/23/2004
Shirley Swank was born June 7, 1933 in Des Moines, Iowa the 5th child of Richard Draper and Gilda Brooke. She is survived by her husband and children, and was predeceased in death by her parents and all her siblings.
06/18/1918 - 02/01/2011
Our dearly loved husband, father, grandfather and hero, Robert Eugene Chambers, 93, passed away February 1, 2011, in his home of complications due to age.
03/24/1921 - 08/21/2007
Jeffrey Walsh passed away August 8, 2007 at his residence in Chicago. He was an accomplished sportsman and a devoted family man. He will be deeply missed by all who new him.
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