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04/11/1946 - 09/14/2010
Officer Walter Hildegard died on September 14, 2010, doing what he loved to do, being a police officer. He will be dearly missed by his survived wife Amanda, his three sons: Kevin(10), Roy(8) and James(3), and by all his relatives and friends.
09/13/1982 - 11/29/2009
In a memory of our beloved close friend and daughter Ciara. She was born to become a unique person with numerous talents and gifts, but the God took up her to have such a beautiful Angel by his side.
06/14/1923 - 01/11/2004
Timothy Charles Edson, passed away January 11, 2004. He was an avid sportsman, a successful businessman and a caring family man. He will be deeply missed by his wife, three children, nine grandchildren, eleven nephews and nieces, and numerous rela...
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06/05/1931 - 09/13/2009
Melinda Warren, 82, Saint Paul, Minnesota, died Setember 13, 2009 at St. Paul’s Care Center. Melinda is survived by her husband of 62 years, Felix, daughter Patricia; sons: Robert and Rupert; her younger sister and many friends and mourn...
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04/14/1978 - 11/19/2010
Hugo Clayton, joined his Lord and Savior on November 19, 2010. He was well mannered, soft spoken man who was very loyal to his family.
11/04/1935 - 11/11/2010
Clark Marleau was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1935 to Al and Rose Marleau and passed away in 2010.
06/24/1920 - 11/19/2007
Dexter Lewis (June 24, 1920 - November 19, 2007) died from a heart attack leaving to mourn his family-his wife Deborah, his son Alan,daughter Alice, three grandchildren and a bulk of loving relatives and friends.
01/13/1939 - 06/21/2008
Willie Lucille Jerrigan was born in 1939. She passed away June 21th,2008. In the almost 70 years of life in between, she touched many just by being herself.
09/14/1956 - 04/19/2011
Margaret Burns passed away on April 19, 2011, after 54 years. Born on September 14, 1956 in Green River, WA, she married Kenneth Burns, the love of her life for 30 years. The oldest of four daughters and born to parents who never met an obsta...
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11/10/1964 - 03/17/2009
Amanda Guendel, passed away on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, at the Bayou City Medical Center, Texas. Amanda was a great mom, who along with her husband Tom raised three sons. She will be remembered as a kind, gentle and loving woman who always put her...
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06/26/1984 - 11/22/2005
Todd Muray was the most wonderful person one could have met. He loved his family and cherished his friends, we love you Todd, don't worry, we'll see you again.
04/21/1981 - 09/06/2009
Tony Blount, died on September 6, 2009 at Delta Regional Medical Center.
11/19/1982 - 05/14/2009
Anita Falls, who passed away, May 14, 2009, was and will always be loved by her very large family and her close circle of friends. Anita was a kind and generous soul. She loved deeply all of those she had near her. She didn't know any oth...
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08/29/1921 - 02/26/2004
Miriam J. Wooten (nee: Olsen), went to be with her Lord and Savior on February 26, 2004. She will be remembered as the-best-in-the-world Granny, loving Mom and Wife.
08/14/1968 - 04/02/2010
Susan Bushell was known to many as a great wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.   If there was anyone ever so deserving of a halo and pair of wings it would be her.
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